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What is TumFUG?

The idea of TumFUG is to create a weekly meeting for people interested in Linux-/Unix, geeks, nerds and of course hackers. It should be some kind of a Linux User Group (LUG) with talks, workshops or simply hanging out together. We want to share and discuss our interest in technologies like Linux and Unix. Typical topics would be the system administration, scripting languages like awk and sed, also talks about the open-source philosophy or the installation and maintenance of services like http/ftp. Critical topics like privacy and life-saving tips about Vim, LaTeX etc. are likewise more than welcome.

That means, that we plan to have a talk or a workshop every week. This should not be a one-man-lecture-show, discussing the topic and having fun is very appreciated.


Every Thursday, 6pm, room 00.07.014, FMI building:

  • 25.10.2012 Organisation Meeting & Campus Cneipe
  • 08.11.2012
  • 15.11.2012
  • 22.11.2012
  • 29.11.2012
  • 06.12.2012
  • 13.12.2012
  • 10.01.2013 Software Reverse Engineering (Jan)
  • 17.01.2013
  • 24.01.2013

Talks may be in English or in German. After the talk we usually go to Campus Cneipe.

Just contact us if you want to do a talk!


The history and additional material related to the talks can be found here.


Information and subscription:

Mails to the list:

  • tumfug at fs dot tum dot de


Michael (Mike) Faath, faath at in dot tum dot de
Martin Lowinski, lowinski at in dot tum dot de


IRC-Server: irc.blafasel.de
Channel: #tumfug


We decided at our first meeting, to name this event TumFUG, dedicated to UnFUG from the Hochschule Furtwangen (http://www.unfug.org). If you have an idea for what the abbreviation TumFUG stands for, contact us. For now, TumFUG stands for "TU München Linux/Unix Friends and User Group".